About The NCA
The NCA is a unique coalition of several northwest Atlanta
neighborhoods and what we refer to as “neighborhood
friendly” developers and businesses dedicated to smart
growth. This alliance has forged much common ground on
issues that have improved the quality of life in an area that
runs from Vine City to Wildwood and west to the
Chattahoochee River. Our board consists of 60%
neighborhood representatives and 40% developer/business

The NCA started out as a coalition of neighborhoods that
came together in opposition to an inappropriate big box
development proposal for the Castlegate hotel site. The
Berkeley Park neighborhood believed that they alone, could
not take on a major corporation – Home Depot and they,
therefore, sought neighborhood allies. Ultimately a twelve
neighborhood coalition hammered out an agreement after a
year of negotiations with the new master developer, Selig
Enterprises, accompanied with a side letter of understanding
with Wal-Mart, the anchor tenant.

After successful dealing with Atlantic Station, Bates Ace
Hardware, and Selig, the NCA decided to restructure by
bringing in other developers and businesses considered
neighborhood friendly.
    The NCA Negotiated

  • The MetroNexus     
    development site on     
    Jefferson Street;
  • Sembler at the Georgia
    Tech Foundation site - the
    NCA was involved in
    ongoing negotiations along
    with Home Park;
  • The Carter project on
    Howell Mill Road - the NCA
    played a supportive role to
    the Underwood Hills
  • The District at Howell Mill -
    Selig Enterprises, Master
  • Walmart;
  • Various issues at Atlantic
    Station, including the once
    proposed aquarium

The NCA Played a Lead Role

  • In the Howell Mill /
    Chattahoochee/ Bellmeade
    road improvements;
  • The Northwest Connectivity
  • The Northside Drive Corridor
  • The 17Th and 14th Street
    bridge proposals;
  • BFI;
  • The Heliport;
  • The Bellwood Quarry
  • Numerous other issues
    pertinent to northwest